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SUMMER COLLECTION 2020   Since the Summer vacations are here already and we are bound to stay home because of the pandemic going on. Lets take a moment to remember how summer actually feels like and how we can make the most of it during these times. When it comes to vacations and Summers, there is no other place like Bali. It is rated as one of the best rated travel destinations in the world by countless websites, review portals and travel magazines each year. This island in Indonesia is often referred to as Visitor's Paradise with its breath taking views, high mountains, iconic beaches and what not. Bali being known for its beauty and culture also has some aspects...

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The perfect gift for Mother's Day

Even though social distancing will extend to august or even more due to coronavirus and all the celebrations, parties and brunches are going to be on hold, we think that mothers deserve to be treated well this Mother's Day for all the effort, hard work and love they put in to keep us safe even more during these times. So you may be affected by this social distancing and going into the store and picking the last minute gift won’t work anymore, you need a reliable source. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for mother’s day, at Iguana, we have got you covered. If you or your mother are leather fans or Fashion lovers, we got exactly...

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Handmade Leather Shoes Over Others

At Iguana we have a variety of slip-safe styles produced using Genuine Leather where every one of your styles are satisfied ranging from different styles for every occasion for both men and women. 

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